Fair for all, tasty for everyone

The first fair-for-all food ordering platform ever… Sorry Mr. Uber, ya ain’t takin’ our 30%.


Hammerhead's on Ottawa, Hamilton, Canada


make everyone money

Pay Nothing, Sell Everything

No set-up fees, No Monthly Fees, No Commission, No Nothin’. Just pay the bank fees and that’s it… ever.

More money for customers to spend

The lowest fees for customers compared to any food ordering platform o the market. This means less money paid to suits, more money to buy doughnuts.

Nothing Hidden

No hidden up-charges, surprise flat rates or backdoor commissions, Customers know exactly what they’re paying, all the time


Hidden Goldmine Bakery, Madoc, Canada


how we compare

The most cost effective, feature rich platform in the industry – stop looking, start selling


COST Pavement Uber Eats Door Dash Chow Now Square Shopify

Activation Fee




$499 (per location)



Platform Fees


30% On Demand

15% Self Managed

10% - 25%




Monthly Fee




$189 per month

$1908 per Year


$79 p/m

Add-ons Extra

Bank Fees

2.75% + 30c
per transaction

Inc. in Platform Fees

Inc. in Platform fees

2.8% + 13c
per transaction
2.5% + 15c
per transaction
2.7% + 30c
per transaction

Customer Costs

5% of Subtotal
*Vendor controlled. Decide to cover, split, include-in-price or pass on to customers.
15% of Subtotal
+ surge pricing.
10% of Subtotal
+ surge pricing.




We all deserve a win

The story behind fair-for-all

Fair-for-all pricing started as with all other good ideas… around a fire and a good cold beverage. 

After ordering for the 300th time from Uber Eats we walked into our favourite food joint only to discover their in-store list prices were 30% cheaper than those listed on Uber. Say What?

The issue wasn’t that we minded paying the extra, it was that we didn’t know. 

So we invented a transparent fair-for-all platform where Vendors, Customers & The Platform split the costs of convenience and we all get a win. 

As of Jan 2021 our 5% model has saved Vendors $1.5M & Customers: $1.1M in fees but still allows us with enough profit to ethically employ, socially support and invest back into the industry we love so much.

It’s fun to win together, let’s go eat half-time oranges.

Beechwood Doughnuts

Beechwood Doughnuts, St. Catharines, Canada



bring your restaurant home

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